We believe visual and performing arts are an essential part of education, and they add intrinsic value to every child’s life. From drawing, painting, and sculpture to strings and handbells, our students enjoy a broad range of opportunities to explore the visual and performing arts and develop their talents.

Visual Arts

Woodward student painting

In pre-kindergarten through second grade, our youngest students are exposed to the elements of art and principles of design as stepping stones to producing expressive artwork. Children study color, shape, line, texture, and value. Students work in a variety of materials, including drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, textiles, and even computer art. We also study art history, both Western and non-Western, to understand the impact of art on culture.

Art classes for third through sixth graders concern themselves with three basic concepts—an understanding of artists and culture, learning to use various materials and techniques to demonstrate the style of the artist, and finally learning about motivation and integrity in art. Our goal is that all our students find joy in creating their best work. Third through sixth graders may additionally join Art Club.


Woodward student girls ballet

We offer creative movement in pre-kindergarten, pre-ballet classes in kindergarten, and ballet and modern jazz to first through sixth graders. In addition, we offer a KinderKinetics class design for pre-kindergarten boys, incorporating movement and music in games. For first grade through sixth grade, dance classes take place twice a week during P.E. Kindergarten dance classes meet after school.


Woodward student playing violinIn pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, our music classes nurture the child’s cognitive, emotional, social, verbal, and physical development through singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments, listening, and even learning to read musical notation. Kindergartners learn to play color-coded handbells.

In first and second grade, students continue to develop an understanding of rhythm and pitch while exploring music by singing and playing instruments. For third through sixth graders, our general music curriculum teaches music theory and reading skills and develops rhythm, pitch, and voice.


Choraliers is offered to students in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. It meets after school once a week and performs both at school and during an annual spring trip. Students who sing with the Choraliers also may audition for to be part of the Handbells Choir.


Our bands include beginner band for fifth graders and a second-year program for sixth graders. Our bands perform a spring concert, and sixth grade band plays for show choir as needed. Band students meet twice weekly during the regularly scheduled music class.


Students may choose to join Orchestra, which meets once a week during the lunch hour for beginning, intermediate, and advanced string musicians. Our Advanced Orchestra plays for special occasions, and there is also a Show Choir Orchestra made up of fourth, fifth, and sixth graders.