Service Learning

At Woodward Academy, service to others is part of our DNA. Our students devote more than 5,000 hours to service projects annually. Our focus on service allows us to create a sense of community and educate students about social justice locally, nationally, and globally. Service experiences help shape our students into critical thinkers and ethical problem solvers.

Woodward North combines forces with our other schools Academy-wide for three annual service projects, including:

  • A canned food drive benefiting the Atlanta Community Food Bank
  • A fundraiser for The Terranova School, our sister school in Zambia
  • A walk-a-thon to benefit our neighborhood Jesse Draper Boys & Girls Club

Woodward North embraces its own, age-appropriate service projects as well, partnering with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta each year.

Graduation Distinction in Service Learning

Distinction in Service Learning

Students in the Upper School can elect to take a deeper dive into our school’s efforts in service learning and civic engagement through our Distinction in Service Learning, as well as two academic courses that reflect our school’s efforts both locally and globally: Service Learning: Serve Locally with Dignity and Service Learning: Ethical Global Engagement

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Mission & Vision

Mission: It is the mission of our Service Learning program to increase student awareness of the local and global needs in the communities that we serve. Through intellectual inquiry and hands-on experiences, students will become critical thinkers and empathetic decision-makers to create cultures of thoughtfulness in the communities around them.

Vision: It is the hope that graduates leave Woodward Academy with an understanding of civic engagement and social consciousness to become visionaries and leaders in creating respectful communities that promote purpose, equity, dignity, and justice.