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At Woodward North, we provide the compass.

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At Woodward North, we provide the compass. 


Students receive personalized instruction and encouragement.



Hard work and teamwork are at the heart of every great achievement.



The arts aren’t just an “extra”-curricular or an afterthought—they’re part of our heart and soul.



We serve the needs of today’s students. 



We build character and skill sets our students need for the future.


Our Latest News

Class of 2022 graduate Mythili Kartik

Class of 2022 graduate and ISR student Mythili Kartik recently had her work published on the Wiley Online Library.


On March 24, Woodward UNICEF UNITE club board members Callie Mitchell ’23, Gabrielle Tyndall ’23, and Jay Yoon ’23 had the opportunity to converse with congresspeople and their offices about UNICEF issues.

Jack H. and Carter M. win first AAU Tourney of season

Fifth-graders Carter M. and Jack H. and their AAU team team kicked off their season by going undefeated in their first tournament.

Woodward North Produces Valedictorians

Woodward North alumni have gone on to great success at our Main Campus, with six straight Woodward valedictorians having started at Woodward North.
Learn about their Success Beyond Woodward North
Chip Cary '15

"Woodward prepared me very well for college, especially in terms of time management and writing. Living an hour away from Main Campus and playing baseball, I was forced to be organized and efficient to finish by homework and prepare for tests and quizzes. As a result, managing my time in college comes more easily to me. I had a love-hate relationship with writing at WA; however, all of that writing truly helped me, and I have had little trouble adjusting to writing college-style and -length papers." – Chip Cary
Valedictorian, Class of 2015

Harrison Paul '12

"Woodward North gave me a very strong foundation of basic principles and the small class size allowed me to form extremely close bonds with people who are still some of my closest friends. I found my transition to college a lot easier due to my experience at Woodward. Woodward prepared me for the difficulty of Vanderbilt's classes. I found that the workload was easily manageable with the skills that I had developed during AP classes at Woodward." – Harrison Paul
Valedictorian, Class of 2012

Karen Sun '11

"Woodward always has placed a special significance on participation and leadership in cocurricular activities, as well as in giving back via peer mentorship. As I reflect on my experiences post-WA, I can see clearly how Woodward pushed me to think beyond just individual achievement, to explore the concept of a "well-rounded individual," and how that individual might then help grow a broader community." – Karen Sun
Valedictorian, Class of 2011

Kelly Guest '13

"I will always be grateful to Woodward and my teachers there for the love of learning that I developed from an early age. Whether I am in the classroom, a work environment, or traveling, I'm excited to learn something new and challenge myself to try new experiences. The combination of Woodward's culture of academic excellence with the high level of engagement with cocurricular activities has allowed me to balance my time in college and prioritize schoolwork while still being involved in clubs and campus organizations. " – Kelly Guest
Valedictorian, Class of 2013

Sathvik Namburar '14

"Woodward prepared me quite well for college. At Hopkins, I have been able to dive into advanced courses in subjects such as science and Spanish, and, because of the preparation I received at Woodward, I have not felt overwhelmed. I feel that Woodward's science laboratory experiments and writing classes are excellent preparation for college. I find that the English Department's focus on writing has paid off immensely for me." – Sathvik Namburar
Valedictorian, Class of 2014

Roshni Kailar '16

"Woodward challenged me academically and helped me grow as a person. My time at Woodward helped prepare me for college life and difficult academics. I think the opportunities afforded to me by Woodward, like academics as well as cocurricular activities, allowed me to get into the University of Pennsylvania and prepared me to handle college." – Roshni Kailar
Valedictorian, Class of 2016